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Breakthrough Sessions

One off Breakthrough /Expansion Session

90 mins + 15 min follow up

Hey, I’m Nina, your Emotional Body Therapist and Mindset Coach.


Together we will unravel what is holding you back in life or business.


Dive into childhood beliefs and behaviours that are no longer serving you so that you can go from stuck and unclear on your next steps to having clarity and actionable tasks to do to shift the needle and propel you forward in life.

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These powerful coaching sessions are your chance to dive into any area of your life that you are feeling held back in or experiencing blocks.

It’s your chance to lay it all out and have me coach you and help you move you through the things that are tripping you up.

In order to expand and elevate in any are of our life we must first take a chance and that chance will create change.

Investing in ourselves in the best investment we can ever make. It all starts with putting your hand up and asking for help.

Using my comprehensive tool belt I will not only give you actionable steps, strategy and modalities to use but also teach you how to stay accountable to yourself and shift your mindset to allow space to heal, grow and evolve.

These coaching calls are perfect for anyone new to the coaching space that may not have worked with a coach and is not sure where to begin but know they need help moving through a few things.

Also perfect as a refresher for those of you that have worked with coaches before and need a new approach or reminder of how to proper yourself forward.

A one off 90 minute session with pre-call questionnaire/discussion and a 15 min follow up call to recap on any homework or tasks given and clarify anything you are unsure of.

$222.00 NZD

In Person in Wanaka, Queenstown or Online Sessions

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