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Emotional Body Therapy

12 week ~ 1:1 Emotional Body Therapy/Coaching

Hey, I’m Nina, your Emotional Body Therapist and Coach.


Together we will release traumas, beliefs, and behaviours that are no longer serving you so that you can go from reactive, triggered and in pain to a more calm, happy and positive you.

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Learn and understand how your physical body is a reflection of your emotional state. By focusing on and understanding this connection, we can learn to heal the mind through the body and heal the body through the mind. Body-mind communication is the essence of psychosomatic therapy. How the body communicates with the mind and vice versa. 

A powerful coaching program to get you unstuck and free you from past trauma, physical pain, illness or disease. 

Reading the body is both a science and an art and I am honoured to be able to do this through having done the work on myself and trained as a practitioner to work on others.

I will work with you to map out your past emotional and physical history by going through current and  past medical, physical and emotional symptoms or behaviours. 

From there we can begin to work on releasing the emotions attached to specific incidents, people from your past, accidents or illnesses. 

I will hold space for you and support you to do this in a safe and gentle manner and be available for you whenever you need it throughout our time working together. 

This work is super powerful and by unblocking those stored emotions you are setting yourself free to live a better life; in all areas! 

Whether it be in your relationships, business or life in general once we heal our past, we create the space for everything to open up and flourish!

We will work at healing the core wounds at the root of your concern, whether physical or emotional pain or discomfort - there will be someone at the bottom of it all that is the root of the imbalance in the mind or body.

Once we have healed those we can work on strengthening your ability to build stronger boundaries, self-care and self-worth, move loving and heartfelt relationships with those closer to you, designing a life you love that has you feeling 100% aligned in all areas.

More freedom, fun, joy, connection - less stress, heartache, highly reactive behaviours, anger, sadness, guilt, shame.

Minimum 12-week commitment required. There will be 8 sessions spread over this time, the first 3 are weekly then the rest are fortnightly. All are done via Zoom and recorded for you to revisit as you wish.  You will have unlimited support from me between each coaching session with homework for you to do to support your healing journey.

My Emotional Body Therapy program is run by application only so please reach out if you would like more information on this.
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