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My Background

I grew up living a holistic lifestyle so it’s always been in my blood to nourish my body with good food and look after myself.  Learning even more about how to nourish my mind and soul has enabled me to work with hundreds of clients over the past seven years educating them on how to do the same.

Having lived a very colourful life with many traumas attached to it, I was lucky enough to come across emotional body therapy work several years ago.

Nina Kennett_Wanaka Emotional Body Thera

My Journey

I did the work to free myself from pain and several blocked emotions relating to past accidents, injuries and childhood trauma.


You can read more about my journey here:

This inspired me to study and learn to do this work as a practitioner. 


I am so excited to have you here to learn more about how your physical body is a direct manifestation of your emotional state and how together, we can help you unblock those stuck emotions and live your best life.

Nina Kennett_Wanaka Emotional Body Thera

I have a very gentle and loving approach to all of my work. I work with you to make the changes needed, without pressure, in your own time and in a safe space.


In my spare time I love to be outside amongst nature, skiing, mountain biking, hiking or camping.

The ocean is my happy place to unwind and bring myself back into alignment. 

The mountains are my creative zone where all my ideas and planning take place in my mind.

I live in Wanaka, the southern Alps of NZ, surrounded by mountains to keep my creative cup full.


My Approach

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