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Hey, I’m Nina, your Emotional Body Therapist and Business/Mindset Coach.


Together we will release traumas, beliefs, and behaviours that are no longer serving you so that you can go from reactive, triggered and in physical or emotional pain to a more calm, happy and positive you. In both business and life!

Nina Kennett, Coach, Therapist, Wanaka, New Zealand


Nina Kennett
Emotional Body Therapist / Business + Mindset Coach

I’m Nina, a Wanaka, New Zealand based Emotional Body Therapist, Coach, Photographer and proud mumma of two boys. 

Through my own healing journey, I returned to holistic health which ultimately led me to training as a coach and then going on to discover emotional body therapy/psychosomatic therapy and weaving this into my own life and the way I work.


Nina Kennett Emotional Body Therapy

Emotional Body Therapy


Thank you Nina for everything!

Since doing emotional body therapy with you I feel a lot better overall. Physically I am sleeping pretty well and starting to feel more energised, and finally feeling like exercising and doing some more physical activities.

My ears/sinuses are completely unblocked so proof that it was very much emotional!

In term of emotions, I feel much lighter, and felt for the first time in quiet a few months joy, while dancing in my living room!

One of the biggest things to come through for me was that I deserved to be seen and cheered on for managing an ED as a teen. I don't have

to keep quiet about it and hide it.

I also feel softer in myself - my attitude, my behaviors. But also quiet emotional at times which I am welcoming!

~ Fiona


Thank you so much to you Nina a zillion times for healing me and being such a beautiful part of my life. The truth which I was not aware of was addressed by you.

I haven’t in my whole life been able to share with so much openness. Without being judged or getting asked what am I doing and other questions.

Before working with you I had ongoing stomach pain. Was feeling betrayed, angry, disrespected, controlled, suffocated, manipulated, like a caged animal.


I had not much motivation, was worn out, low on energy. Resentful towards family. Stressed.

So much has changed! Finding inner peace, understanding my self better, my triggers, how to manage them, learning to implement better boundaries, speaking up, voicing my concerns, standing up for self. Asking for unconditional love.

I am so happy to have met you, Nina.

Thank you so, so much.

~ SP

Thank you Nina; you have been just the stability and guidance I have needed to heal my past.

Before working with you I had so much difficulty relating to others. I was angry, jealous, envious and resentful of them and their achievements and unable to praise myself for any of my own.

There was so much negative self-talk. My skin had erupted in really bad eczema which I now know is emotional. I would withdraw from social situations or get angry. There was so much confrontation in my life with others.


With the tools you have given me I am able to sit quietly and reflect on things before reacting. I am not as impatient or angry and can see things more from all perspectives.


I always came away from a session with you feeling positive and ready to use the new skills or sensible approaches learnt.

I have learnt to sit in the discomfort of things, write my thoughts down and consider at length rationally.


I believed I could apply these new tools successfully and I did. I have stopped blaming myself for reacting so strongly and beating myself up about it.

Thank you again for your wonderful guidance and support.

~ Judith


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