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Nina Kennett, Coach, Therapist, Wanaka, New Zealand


Nina Kennett
Emotional Body Therapist / Personal Coach

I’m Nina, a Wanaka, New Zealand based Emotional Body Therapist, Coach, Photographer and proud mumma of two boys. 

Through my own healing journey, I returned to holistic health which ultimately led me to training as a coach and then going on to discover emotional body therapy/psychosomatic therapy.


Nina Kennett Emotional Body Therapy

Emotional Body Therapy

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"Nina is just amazing!


She made me feel so at ease during our emotional body therapy sessions and helped me so much with a lot of emotional stuff I was carrying, some of it I didn't even realise. She has always been encouraging, knowledgeable and available when I’ve needed it.

She was supportive without pressure and I felt safe and heard.


I would highly recommend her to anyone."

~ TG

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I can't thank you enough Nina for

everything you have done for me and

taught me through your emotional body work.

You are so patient and caring and I felt totally at ease diving into past traumatic events throughout my life with you. You listened without judgement and were firm but gentle.


I feel so much lighter overall since doing this work and the pain/numbness I had been experiencing through my left shoulder/arm/wrist for several years is now gone.

Things that used to cause me great stress + anxiety, I now seem to tackle with ease and a totally different mindset.


You were there for me throughout the whole time we worked together and I am forever grateful to have found you.

~ Sarah

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“Working with Nina has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Emotional body therapy is so powerful and effective. The tools I learned and strengthened with Nina have changed my life for the better.


I was so pleasantly surprised to find how available Nina was for me. She held such a safe container for me to explore and release some really difficult emotions and trauma. Unlike talk therapy where you can go in circles and end up thinking “now what?” you have true, deep work happening, facilitating so much healing, and someone you can reach out to directly at any time who truly walks their talk.


Before working with Nina, I was struggling with blockages around my womb and solar plexus which through Nina’s incredible knowledge, unwavering support and presence, I was able to discover my power and alchemise my worthiness wound into a new found sense of self worth, freedom and power that I can carry forward in my life.”

~ Tash


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