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My Healing Journey - Part 1

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

It’s hard to know where to start with this as my healing journey over the past 3-4 years has been long and ongoing and ever evolving, including still healing right now to some extent.

Wanaka Personal Coach, Holistic Wellness Coach, Emotional Body Therapist Nina Kennett

Let’s start with when I first noticed something wasn’t quite right……the constant tiredness, the fatigue, daily headaches, ongoing back, hip and pelvis pain, emotional outbursts and a feeling of being totally out of whack. Exhausted all the time, miserable and just wondering what on earth was wrong with me?!? My body was talking to me and giving me signals it was unhappy but it took me awhile to listen. This photo was taken in early 2018 and I can now see the tiredness in me.

Around this time, I came across a holistic wellness program that I loved the sound of. It was all about getting back to basics with your health in a holistic way. Lots of self-love, self-care, conscious movement, mindset work, personal development, eating mostly plant-based, and supplementing with a whole food product that is basically like a juice cleanse but in a vegan capsule with better than organic sourced fruit + vegetables. Sounded too good to be true and flipping amazing so I jumped in! Within 10 days the brain fog lifted, the tiredness and headaches disappeared and I was so amazed at how quickly my body responded to such simple things! I mean I was fit, healthy, didn’t eat badly but my body was obviously lacking the variety of fruits + vegetables I had started to supplement with and add into my diet and wasn’t being nourished as well as it could be. Plus, the simple steps to filling up my own cup more must have been needed as a busy mumma with young children.

I thought at the time “I’m healthy”, "I exercise", “I eat enough fruit + vegetables” but clearly, I wasn’t getting enough of something and stripping it back to basics and starting to flood my body with foods grown closer to the ground and prioritising self-care was doing wonders! Reflecting back, I was a busy working mum, at this point I'd been parenting alone basically for 6 months as hubby was building our house and we have no family support nearby. I was drinking a couple of coffees a day, having wine or beer most days, probably eating toast on the run. Knowing what I know now, I know that I was not fueling my body as well as I could be let alone my soul. My body and mind were screaming out to be cared for!

Plant based diet, holistic health + wellness

Once I was in a better place health wise my body was able to give me more information that there was stuff to work on. Physical (chronic) pain, emotional pain, unresolved trauma, and more. This is when things got really interesting!

I have been sharing my healing journey and growth over on Instagram, for the past 3-4 years now so be sure to give me a follow and read more about what I have implemented! Not on Instagram? No worries, you can follow me on Facebook too but this account was only created at the end of last year so doesn't have as many stories about me, my health and wellness journey.

I have overcome adrenal fatigue, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS - the hyper mobility strain) and healed so much past trauma so stay tuned for part two as I share more of what I have done and worked on.

Wanaka Personal Coach, Holistic Wellness Coach, Emotional Body Therapist Nina Kennett

Stay tuned for Part 2...........

And feel free to share what you loved most about this post or what resonated with you?

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