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What changes in you when you heal trauma?

What changes in you when you heal trauma? When you release layers of blocked or trapped emotions or uncover emotions you didn't even know were there?

Your physical body can release years of built up chronic pain, disease or illness. Your emotional state changes. This could mean many things, a sense of peace and calm. Better ability to navigate stressful or tricky situations. Less anger, sadness, rage, despair, guilt, jealousy, resentment, grief. A birds eye view of your life from a different perspective where you aren't so reactive. Sounds incredible right!

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You can also change those around you as you heal. We have the ability to change up to 7 generations by healing trauma. Did you know that? I often get asked how does that work? To put it into context, when I started my own trauma release work and healing, my brother and I spoke for the first time about our mothers death and that time in our lives. My Dad took a great interest in what I was studying and doing and asked if there was anything I needed to know or hear from him about those years and the ones that followed so more emotions got released as I told him more and shared some things he didn't know that I had experienced. My eldest boy definitely had picked up on a lot of unresolved trauma within me while being in the womb and in his early years and my youngest son not so much but he has for sure benefited from the changes within me. So there you have 5 generations already. My grandparents are not longer alive but if they were, you can see how if I was able to share with them my healing and ask more about their life and whether any inter-generational trauma was passed down to my parents, they too would benefit, heal and release. This work is so incredibly powerful!

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Your relationships can change, your work, the way you approach life. There is so much to be healed by working on your trauma and I get asked often, what if I haven't had any major trauma? For most people there is still work to be done. If you have any type of emotional outbursts, worries, concerns, sleeping problems, health issues, depression, anxiety, physical pain or anything that isn't normal or doesn’t feel good then you probably have stuff to work on.

Trauma can be verbal abuse, bullying, being teased as a child and so much more so just because you may not have experienced big trauma like death, sexual abuse, rape, severe accidents or injuries that doesn't discount what you have experienced. You will know inside your body and soul if you don't feel 100% right.

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Are you ready to step into a more empowered and healed version of yourself and need help getting there? If yes then please reach out as I would love to chat more!

I have been sharing my healing journey and growth over on Instagram, for the past 3+ years now so be sure to give me a follow and read more about what I have implemented! Here is a post about emotional release and what it is: and more about where I have noticed some major changes in my life and that is through my parenting:

Not on Instagram? No worries, you can follow me on Facebook too but this account was only created at the end of last year so doesn't have as many stories about me, my health and wellness journey. The same posts above can be found here: and here:

I look forward to sharing more with you over on my social media platforms so would love to hear from you!

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