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Who is Nina Kennett?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I thought I would start my blog with an introduction of myself...

Here are 10 quick random facts about me:

1. I’m a mumma to two amazing boys aged 6+8 years. I adore them.

2. When I went on maternity leave from a corporate marketing manager job with bubba number one I started my own photography business Nina Henderson Photography which has been so great to run around my young family the past 8 years!

3. Three years ago I started my own online wellness coaching business after discovering a holistic program that I loved as a client. It really helped me with my own health and healing from hEDS. (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - hyper mobility type )

4. Last year I completed a practitioners course on emotional body work/psychosomatic therapy which I have done a lot of before on myself and my current/past wellness coaching clients and am thrilled to be offering this as a service to help you free yourself from pain, trauma, ongoing injuries and illness or disease that may be holding you stuck in life.

5. I’ve lived in Wanaka, New Zealand with my hubby and boys for the past 12 years after travelling the world off and on for 12 years!

6. I have nearly died A LOT of times and am writing a book about all these accidents and times in my life as they’ve been incredibly powerful in shaping who I am becoming as a coach.

7. I have served the Queen + Nelson Mandela at the same table (silver service from a waitress with no idea!) and I once worked for a company in London that made fighter planes and had to deliver confidential documents to Buckingham Palace, Parliament, etc.

8. I have personally rescued two people from being abducted (1 in London, 1 in New Zealand) and am super passionate about stopping human trafficking and a loud advocate for this.

9. Rescue vehicles that have carried me to safety include helicopters, snowmobiles, ambulances, wheelbarrows, fire trucks, many a car, bus, bike, and various people.

10. I am an incredibly loyal, passionate, hardworking, and loving empath who loves to ski, bike, hike, and travel.

So, that’s me in a tiny nutshell.

I’d love for you to share something about yourself!

And what did you love most about these facts?

Comment below this post or you can send me a direct message on Instagram.


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